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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 12, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. final preparations are underway for tonight's state of the union address, what the president plans to talk about, it could have an impact on you. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am bryan flores, could
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it reach 70 degrees today? >> well, maybe yesterday but not today. it just means temperatures, yes we had some -- yesterday we had some upper 60s to a few mid-70s here is sal. here you can see highway 4 looks good coming up over the willow pass grade. also the morning commute looks good as you approach the 880 split. let's go back to the desk. >> a three car pileup, right now police are searching for one of the drivers. it happened just before a street. a nissan spun into a guardrail and it blacked off and a passenger took off running. a second car hit the back of a
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nissan, the drive of this car also ran off running. >> the passenger of this vehicle stayed here with in injuries. >> police were able to find the passenger of the initial car and took him to the nearby hospital. around 3:30 the freeway was still opened. police are still searching for a suspect after a violent night in vallejo. there are at least three shooting victims, tara moriarty is on the scene. tara? well -- >> reporter: well crime scene detectives needed to interview some of the victims who were at various hospitals. detectives have really focused their efforts on the garage.
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that is where five people were shot. police say one man in his 20s was killed. another person was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and three others were driven to the sutter medical center shortly after the shooting. >> right now they are in the preliminary sauce shootings. whatever transpired here and what we are doing right here is trying to piece everything together. >> police were able to execute a search warrant it actually took them a long time to break into that car and they are looking for any clues weapons, something that might aid in the investigation. >> reporter: four of these victims were women, one was a
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man. at this point we don't know if it was a driveby, these are all questions we hope to learn throughout the morning. a high school freshman -- freshman was hit by a car in concord. he was walking to basketball practice it yesterday after -- practice yesterday afternoon and his mother said the intersection is very dangerous. >> i hope the city of concord does something about that intersection. >> he is a freshman and his mother said he is in a medically-induced coma. the driver who hit him did not appear to be under the drugs or -- under drugs or alcohol.
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north korea successfully carried out an underground fluke near test to shut down its test site. the government announced a new test on television. they are trying to defend the country's security and sovereignty in the -- sovereignty in the ferocious acts of the united states. >> this is it since they took a highly provocative act that threatens international peace. the president said north korea has increasingly isolated and improv rushed it's people through weapons of mass destruction. now the white house said the president will talk about some of the issues he brought
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up in his inauguration reform. immigration reform more than anything theez president's address is expected to give it to you since he ran for this office and it has been what weigh feed to do to work for the middle-class. >> former senator senator marco rubio will give the republican response. he will deliver his address in both english and spanish to attract at ville leino vetters. he will be seated along with other guests near the first lady and the first lady
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has also invited them and they are holding a watch party which is being held in the basement of dunn hall at 6:00. professors will be able to give commentary after the speech. don't forget, you can watch it right here starting at 6:00, then at 6:30 we will break down what it means. we still want to take a look at the roadways see if there is any traffic out there, sal? let's take a look at these pictures on 880 westbound and it is looking good on 580 as well. and if you are driving into the city it should not be a big problem no problems getting on the bridge or getting into the city. san jose is off to a nice
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start, no major problems either. there is a little bit more of an on shore component near the coast. temperatures will level off stayed turning that win direction in different areas. yesterday they had a north wind, 41 half-moon bay, yesterday at this time they were 50. yesterday there is a westly breeze there. you get towards fso it is more of a westly breeze. they are just little bit cooler coast and bay and some patchy fog in the morning, not today, we start off with a little bit of fog, santa rosa is also
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dealing with some low clouds. once it burns off, we crank things up friday and saturday and as we head to the weekend, it will still be nice, just a little bit cooler. it will be discussed at a senate judiciary committee hearing. this is the subject commit he's second hearing on gun control since the mass shooting in newtown connecticut as people debated gun sales and sports. they debated this on university avenue and some people were upset about a store selling guns and handguns and last night people spoke out against the are to. >> it offers more than service and products to our community.
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it allows access to a right. >> it require all sales to be frozen until regular ordinances are made by the town. please do so immediately. >> they told staff to come back with possible new ideas for gun sales and a temporary more forum. they may be shifting south of the border and they now have evidence that christopher dorner may have fled to mexico and he may have had help from a friend identified as jy. just remember christopher dorner has been on the run over a week and he could be
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anywhere. >> christopher dorner is wanamakered for the los angeles police force five years ago. they are objecting knowledging that pope benedict xvi has had a pace maker for years. he stunned the world by announcing he is resigning. sources say even his closest a owes yachts are no idea he was leaving, he has approached the roll of abortion and even the roll of women in the church. >> it becomes dangerous because people are not going it stand for it. >> he sited age and -- cited age and his failing health as the reason he is stepping down.
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you will find more information on the pope's decision of stepping down and the process of choosing the next pope on the meeting is schedule today by the defense partner. plus al gore will have have more on the visit and why some people are not happy about it. we have traffic moving well on the peninsular and we will have more traffic for you and more bay area weather coming up. stay tuned.
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. good morning, well, i live around the bearings once it burns off, it will be sunny and nice. cleanup effort are underway in mississippi after a destructive tornado blew through the state over the
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weekend. more than 570 homes and businesses were destroyed. more than 80 people were hurt in the storm and more than 7,000 people are without power a storm shelter has been set up for people without homes. the storm dropped record- breaking snow and the big concern is that roofs could collapse under the roofs. rain in the big easy is expected during fat tuesday celebrations but organizers say it will not keep people off the streets. [crowd noise] -- [applauds], [crowd noise]. >> they are expected to bring as many as 1 million people around and it will be held tonight and the event holds creative costumes and colorful
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beads. that event kicks off at 5:00 following the massacre raid ball at the bacon reference center. al gore will be discussing his book, six drivers of global change. gore will be speaking at the marriott at noon today and tonight he will be speaking at herb's theater at 7:30 and tomorrow he will speak at 7:00 p.m. in san rafael at dominican university. he will talk about his choice to replace leon panetta. leon panetta is stepping down as the cia director and pentagon chief. he has nominated chuck hagel as replacement. harry reid is pressing for a
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full vote. he is ask for people serving as early as the first. they will move to movie he theaters, and the ability to fly on defense department aircraft. this morning, government experts will discuss the high speed rail program. it is a three day summit filled with visionaries who will be reviewing the plan that lasts from 2015 to 2030 and from san diego to san francisco. time now 4:46 let's take another look at traffic with sal. are you looking at it? >> yes, there are no major problems through there and traffic looks good, it looks
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like a little bit of roadwork. coming from oakland to san francisco, it looks good 4:47 let's go to steve. there is still an on shore breeze which is not that strong but yesterday we had definitely 50s and 50s yesterday at half- moon bay fairfield 31 and yesterday at this time they had a north went and they were 31 yet there is still a component and an on shore breeze and you get the point there is a little more fog. we have some upper 60s and today more upper 50s and low-to-
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mid 60s cooler coast and bay but still lots of sun. yesterday was 68, but normal weather 68. about the same wednesday, we crank it up for a couple of days. friday will be the warmest day, still a little bit cooler. they are claiming some use city computers folling an tip from an anonymous whistleblower. the san francisco handbook prohibits it as well as distributing materials that are sexually explicit. >> this is city time which is why we are doing a full investigation as far as looking into what types were visited and what photographs may or may
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not have been distributed... >> the investigation will continue and punishments will be handed out as well as suspensions. they use tofu instead of meat and during the test it will come from the beanery. it is another reason to use that as the price of meat continues to rise. 4:49 practice begins in oakland and what happens when the team meets and the controversy still surrounding one player. >> joe montana made a unique appearance today, how you can
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catch a pass. stay tuned. we will be right back with more.
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. welcome back, 4:51 is the time, you are looking at a scene where a man was suspected of stealing a car, it happened just before 9:00 last night at second avenue and international boulevard. the suspect did not get far
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before crashing into a car on second avenue and the man managed to run off. a second person got hit but he is expected to be okay. a man was shot several times by richmond police. the shooting happened at 5:00 yesterday afternoon on b street. neighbors called police saying an armed man was walking in the street and when officers arrived they confronted an armed man in front of an apartment building. in antioch, a stray bullet hit somebody in their own home. it came from somebody shooting at their own car a half a block away. a wall and an upstairs bedroom is where the bullets strayed to. this is the third time the
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duplex has been hit with bullets. the family of raymond zack sued the city of alameda for not trying to rescue him. he waded out into the water and family members say he was suicidal. police did not go into the was the he and they said they did not know if he was violent and they were not certified to conduct water rescues. >> the case stems from the november decision ken salazar to not renew the farm lease, they wanted a 10 year extension. >> work officially begins, the construction is expected to provide relief at one of the most congested places. the daily clog should ease by
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2015 and it does include bart's light rail extension. it has been closed after they discovered things inside. it connects with the beach park and sea cliff neighborhoods. crews discovered the weakness as they began a tunnel repair project to install a new drainage system and the repairs are expected to take about three months. >> let's go over to sal for a look at traffic, sal? we don't have a lot going on which is nice, we have a lot of people still at home getting ready and if you are at home, you can see traffic is going to be good with some of the commutes here. not a bad 880 as it continues to look good going towards the toll plaza. you can see traffic does look
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good going into san francisco. if you are driving from hayward to free not, southbound traffic continues to move well and east shore traffic from vallejo to panola, that looks good as well. >> sal, i know they hear me in the morning but they are puttering around the house. i have putter comments too. there is a little component and an offshore breeze, even inland fog. everything continues to ride up and over a ridge of high price our. yesterday at this time 50 to 52, they were 8. i know fairfield was a good easterly breeze coming off the hills near the coast.
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overall in the grand scheme of things, temperatures will be nice but not as warm as yesterday. there will still be lots of sunshine. there is no rain in sight, that is for sure. 64 closer to the coast and in the upper 50s and closer to the 60s near santa clara. an offshore breeze does kick in thursday and friday and friday looks to be the warmest day near the interior. colone tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone and was suspended. he has not been around and now the 50 game suspension included the final 45 games and will carry over to the first five
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games in 2013. they met the quarterback joe montana who will be the quest of -- guest of honor between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. they will honor the player and others will get photographed signed post cards from joint montana. >> that is cool. >> -- from joe montana. that is cool. police are still on the scene of a shooting, we have now confirmed there are five victims. stay tuned.


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